Monday, March 9, 2009

Iditarod Update #6

Eighteen competitors are out of Finger Lake, heading down the Happy River Steps heading to Rainy Pass. The group is lead by 2009 Yukon Quest winner Sebastian Schnuelle and runner-up Hugh Neff. Also up front is two-time defending champ Lance Mackey, top-finishers Paul Gebhardt and Ed Iten, former Rookies of the Year Jessie Royer and Bjornar Andersen.
Rounding out the group is 4-time champion Jeff King, who took over an hour rest, while none of the others stayed for more than 5 minutes.

1 Sebastian Schnuelle

2 Paul Gebhardt

3 Ed Iten

4 Lance Mackey

5 Cim Smyth

6 Jessie Royer

7 Hugh Neff

8 Mitch Seavey

9 Bruce Linton

10 Rick Larson

11 Bjornar Andersen

12 Ramey Smyth

13 Aliy Zirkle

14 Jim Lanier

15 John Baker

16 Hans Gatt

17 Ken Anderson

18 Jeff King

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