Monday, March 9, 2009

Iditarod Update #11

10:15pm CDT/7:15pm Alaska Time

I'll try to run down the entire field, based on observations of the Official standings and the GPS.

The lead pack, in two groups, seem to be trading the lead back and forth as they take different rests.

Sebastian Schnuelle
Paul Gebhard
Ed Iten
Cim Smyth
Hugh Neff
Mitch Seavey
Bruce Linton
Ramey Smyth
Hans Gatt
Bjornar Andersen
Aliy Zirkle
Jeff King
Melissa Owens
Lance Mackey

The Top 30 is rounded out by these mushers, also moving down the trail well.
Jessie Royer
Ken Anderson
John Baker
Aaron Peck
Dallas Seavey
Gerry Willomitzer
DeeDee Jonrowe
Warren Palfrey
Matt Hayashida
Martin Buser
Gerald Sousa
Sonny Lindner

Out of the top 30, but still hanging around include:
Ray Redington, Jr
Ryan Redington
Rick Larson
Jim Lanier
Robert Nelson
and rookies:
Karin Hendrickson
Wade Marrs

The final group, bringing up the rear includes:
Rachael Scdoris
Tim Osmar
and most of the rookies

No scratches yet!

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Anonymous said...

keep the updates comin! Looks like a good race so far.

- Duncan