Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Iditarod Update #46 - Lance is on his way

Leader is leaving White Mountain for final run

Lance Mackey is leaving White Mountain right now, 5:20am CDT. Depending on the weather, it could be 8 to 12 hours to Nome.

Sebastian Schnuelle led John Baker into the mandatory 8 hour rest by 26 minutes. Should be an interesting race for 2nd.

Jessie Royer is next into Elim in the exciting race for fourth. Behind her, back to outside of Koyuk:
Aaron Burmeister
Dallas Seavey
Mitch Seavey
Cim Smyth
Ramey Smyth
Ed Iten

In Koyuk:
Ken Anderson
Hugh Neff
DeeDee Jonrowe
Jeff King

Aproaching Koyuk:
Hans Gatt
Sonny Lindner
Aliy Zirkle
Paul Gebhardt
Martin Buser
Warren Palfrey

Rookie of the Year Battle:
Chad Lindner is in Unalakleet
On their way
Harry T Alexie
Karin Hendrickson

Out of Grayling are
Michael Suprenant
Heather Siirtola
Jen Seavey
Trent Herbst
Timothy Hunt
Alan Peck

Jeff Holt scratched at Grayling

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