Friday, March 6, 2009

Iditarod Top Ten Predictions

Here are my picks for the Top Ten finishers (plus some!) - what are yours?

1. Lance Mackey
2. Martin Buser
3. Jeff King
4. Mitch Seavey
5. Paul Gebhardt
6. Bjornar Andersen
7. Hans Gatt
8. Ken Anderson
9. DeeDee Jonrowe
10. Ramey Smyth

(But don't count out Ed Iten, Jessie Royer, Aliy Zirkle and Sebastian Schnuelle...)

(Oh, also John Baker, Aaron Burmeister, the Redington boys...This is impossible!) :cry:

ROTY: Karin Hendrickson


Angie said...

I hope your high school math teacher doesn't read this blog, Loon. Because if he/she does they will see you never learned to count. You said top ten choices. C'mon. Don't be a dot-nose......get it together.

Joshua M Busche said...

Mackey 3 years in a row?

ballsy prediction.
nearly impossible.

Hawkdog member said...

It's all about the he could pull it'll have to wait and see Papa Busche.