Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Iditarod Update #21

We've got us a race goin' on!

With Aaron, Hugh and Sebastian over an hour in front, Paul, Lance and Jeff leave Nikolai after a rest.

From the blogs:

Martin's wife Kathy said, "Remember, Martin is running this race with a bit of a new strategy so keep faith."

Jeff's wife Donna said:
o far Jeff is running the race as planned. He wanted to be in the
top 20 by Skwentna and then try to "hang" in the 5th-10th spot for a

It is too soon for me to be commenting on the other teams. I believe
this has been a forgiving trail and I am sure there are plenty of
shining teams right now. I'll stick my neck out when the first teams
hit the coast in Unalakleet! Pre-race, I thought to keep my eye on
the Norwegian, Bjornar Andersen. We have a soft spot for Norwegians
and they have historically proven to be avid competitors. I'm sure
Sebastian Schnuelle, this year's Quest Champ, would love to pull a
"Mackey". He is a happy, crazy German that captivates your heart.
Rick Swenson, as always, is running a beautiful race and should never
be disregarded. Martin Buser is showing some uncharacteristic
restraint that may have big payoffs down the trail. And Lance Mackey
is always full of surprises. This will undoubtedly be a spectacular
race to watch!

Unconfirmed information from the boards:
Why Bob Hickle sratched: He had 4 dogs in heat and became so wet stopping the fighting, etc he couldn't get dry.

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