Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Iditarod Update #28

Getting some rest

With reports of deep, blowing snow on the trail to Iditarod, the front of the field seems to be taking their 24. This is going to get real interesting when they start moving again!

Martin Buser is out front in Ophir. The rest are in Takotna or McGrath.

On their way to McGrath
Eric Rogers
Rachael Scdoris
Tim Osmar
Tom Thurston
Laura Daugereau
Aaron Peck (Already took his 24)
Michael Suprenant

In Nikolai
Bill Cotter
David Sawatzky
Heather Siirtola
Trent Herbst
Jen Seavey

Out of Rohn, heading to Nikolai
Kurt Reich
Timothy Hunt
Lou Packer
Alan Peck
Kim Darst
Blake Matray
Rob Loveman

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