Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Trail Talk

This time of year we don't do any running in harness, it's just too hot and humid. The only way to stay involved in mushing has been to work on our trail. We have 5 acres plus I can run down a waterway in a cornfield. By looping and running the entire thing both directions, I have just over one mile.

Since I hope to pick up another couple of dogs to race the 4-dog class, I made it one-and-a-third of a mile in length, so three laps is 4 miles. It's got a lot of sharp corners, but that can't be avoided. There are a couple of nice, long straightaways.

After the corn is harvested, I have permission to run a snowmobile trail through some nearby woods that would give me a 2-mile loop.

I'm not sure yet if I'll be able to race this coming season, as I still need to invest in a couple more dogs and a good sled, but we'll see.

At least I get to run around it on the quad, but it sure makes Alice mad: "Hey, I want to pull that thing!"