Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Gin Gin 200 Starts Today

Gin Gin 200 started this afternoon in Paxon, Alaska.

12 dog, 200 miles

Live Trackers:


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Results from the first full weekend of racing

Links to Results:

Distance Races
Solstice 100 - Dew Claw Kennel sweeps, with Dan Kaduce in 1st and Jodi Bailey in 2nd!

Sheep Mountain 150 - Jeff King slogs through unbroken trail to edge Aliy Zirkle

Stage Races
Alaska Excursions 120 - Blaine "Buddy" Streeper Takes 1st Place

Rodeo Run 2011

Sprint Races
CDMA Junior Points Race #3

MCDMA Points Race #4

ADMA Challenge Race #1 - Postponed

International Races
Sled Dog Association of Scotland - Darnaway Rally

Dalby Rally - North Yorkshire

King's Forest East, British Siberian Husky Racing Association

Friday, December 16, 2011

Full Slate of Racing This Weekend

Alaska Distance Racing starts, plus a whole lot more.

December 15 - 17, 2011
Rodeo Run 2011
12 dog, 8 dog, and 6 dog teams, along with a 4 dog Junior Race
West Yellowstone, WY

December 17, 2011
CDMA Junior Points Race #3
Sprint: 1 Dog; 2 Dog; 3 Dog; 5 Dog; 7 Dog (Miles TBD)
Beach Lake Trails - Chugiak, Alaska

MCDMA Points Race #4
Sprint: 4 Dog (4 miles); 6 Dog (6 miles); 8 Dog (8 miles); Open (13.2 miles); Junior 3 Dog (4 miles)
Skijoring: 1 Dog (4 miles); 2 Dog (4 miles)
Montana Creek, Alaska

December 17 - 18, 2011
Alaska Excursions 120
10 Dog (40 miles each day)
Wasilla, Alaska

Sheep Mountain 150
12 Dog (150 miles 3 x 50)
Sheep Mountain, Alaska

Solstice 100
12 dog, 100 miles
Two Rivers, Alaska

Sled Dog Association of Scotland Darnaway
Sprint: 6 Dog (2.7 - 6.5 miles); 4 Dog (2.7-5.5 miles); 3 & 2 Dog (2.7-4.5 miles); Bikejor/Scooter & Canicross (2.7-4.5 miles)
Scotland, UK

Dalby Rally
North Yorkshire

King's Forest East, British Siberian Husky Racing Association

December 18, 2011

ADMA Challenge Race #1
Sprint: 4 Dog (4.8 miles); 6 Dog (6.2 miles); 8/10 Dog (9.7 miles); Open (11 miles)
Skijoring: 1, 2, 3 Dog (4.8 miles)
Jeff Studdert Race Grounds, Fairbanks, Alaska

Saturday, December 3, 2011

December Arrives

Now Need Snow!

We had been running about once a week since mid-October. Several ten-mile runs, and one twelve. I was hoping to run the third annual Thanksgiving Day run, but didn’t get an early enough start. So after two weeks since the last run, I loaded all seven dogs, including Alice, and drove to the trail head.
Temps were in the low 20’s as we headed out. I paired Alice up with Logan, as she likes him. That left Nucky without his brother to counter-act each others pull, so he ran a bit out of line.

We cruised along nicely until we came to three small trees that beavers had felled across the trail. I moved one and the dogs easily pulled me up-and-over the others. We made good time to the halfway point, turned around and had a drink and some snacks. But thirty-seconds is enough of a rest for these guys, and so we got back at it.

On the way back, I stopped to take a couple of photos of the “Into the Wild of Iowa”

After running 9 miles, they were anxious to keep going after FIFTEEN SECONDS of stopping!!!!!!

Over an hour running, and they still have the energy to play around afterward.

Amazing athletes!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Mushing Race Sesson Begins!

In Alaska, the Montana Creek Dog Mushers Association is hoping to kick off their sprint season this weekend. According to their website, "The trail is in decent, but not perfect, early season shape...the chances for racing two days are very positive."

In Wisconsin, the Can't Depend on Snow annual benefit event also takes place this weekend.

Stay tuned, as things begin to heat up in the mushing world!