Monday, April 13, 2009

Mushing Blog

Recommended reading: Laughing Eyes Kennel Journal by Hugh Neff

This quote from Hugh's blog gives you an idea of his personality:

"Known as one of the more 'oddball characters' of our sport allows me the opportunity to speak my mind w/out fear of repercussions from sponsors. All of our sponsors are our friends, not just someone looking to make a buck off of our name. Hugh Neff , I promise you, will never be some 'walking billboard'- we're here to play with dogs not sell our soul."

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Martin Buser on Discovery Channel Sunday 4/12/09

Martin Buser on Discovery Channel Sunday 4/12/09

Martin Buser's Happy Trails Kennels will be featured on the Discovery Channel series "Dirty Jobs" with Mike Rowe starting this Sunday, April 12, at 9:00pm Eastern.

It will repeat several times during the week.

Check out the Discovery Channel schedule here ... 321.4062.x

Monday, April 6, 2009

Iditarod 2009 Final Standings

Iditarod 2009 Final Standings

1 Lance Mackey
2 Sebastian Schnuelle
3 John Baker
4 Mitch Seavey
5 Cim Smyth
6 Dallas Seavey
7 Aaron Burmeister
8 Jessie Royer
9 Ramey Smyth
10 Hans Gatt
11 Sonny Lindner
12 Jeff King
13 DeeDee Jonrowe
14 Ken Anderson
15 Hugh Neff
16 Paul Gebhardt
17 Aliy Zirkle
18 Martin Buser
19 Warren Palfrey
20 Ray Redington, Jr
21 Matt Hayashida
22 Sven Haltmann
23 Linwood Fiedler
24 Gerry Willomitzer
25 Rick Swenson
26 Judy Currier
27 Gerald Sousa
28 Bruce Linton
29 Robert Nelson
30 Chad Lindner R
31 Jake Berkowitz
32 Ed Stielstra
33 Allen Moore
34 Robert Bundtzen
35 Jim Lanier
36 Ryan Redington
37 Harry T Alexie R
38 Bill Cotter
39 Rick Larson
40 Karin Hendrickson
41 Cindy Gallea
42 Mike Williams
43 Jen Seavey R
44 Tom Thurston R
45 Rachael Scdoris
46 Tim Osmar

47 Wade Marrs R 18 year old rookie and this years’ youngest musher
48 Trent Herbst
49 Michael Suprenant R
50 Eric Rogers
51 Heather Siirtola
52 Dr. Timothy Hunt R Red Lantern

David Sawatzky
Ed Iten
Melissa Owens
Aaron Peck
Alan Peck R
Jeff Holt
Laura Daugereau
Lou Packer R
Blake Matray R
Kim Darst R
Kurt Reich R
Rob Loveman R
Bjornar Andersen
Nancy Yoshida R
Bob Hickel

* R = Rookie