Saturday, December 3, 2011

December Arrives

Now Need Snow!

We had been running about once a week since mid-October. Several ten-mile runs, and one twelve. I was hoping to run the third annual Thanksgiving Day run, but didn’t get an early enough start. So after two weeks since the last run, I loaded all seven dogs, including Alice, and drove to the trail head.
Temps were in the low 20’s as we headed out. I paired Alice up with Logan, as she likes him. That left Nucky without his brother to counter-act each others pull, so he ran a bit out of line.

We cruised along nicely until we came to three small trees that beavers had felled across the trail. I moved one and the dogs easily pulled me up-and-over the others. We made good time to the halfway point, turned around and had a drink and some snacks. But thirty-seconds is enough of a rest for these guys, and so we got back at it.

On the way back, I stopped to take a couple of photos of the “Into the Wild of Iowa”

After running 9 miles, they were anxious to keep going after FIFTEEN SECONDS of stopping!!!!!!

Over an hour running, and they still have the energy to play around afterward.

Amazing athletes!

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