Monday, March 16, 2009

Iditarod Update #41 - Trouble on the Ice?

Sebastian Joins Lance in Koyuk

2nd place musher arrives off the Sound 6 hours behind leader.

John Baker is 10 miles out of Koyuk but stopped moving.

A group hunkered down together off the ice - against the weather?
Jeff King
Aaron Burmeister
Mitch Seavey
Hans Gatt

Hugh Neff appears to be heading back to Shaltoolik, after earlier reports of severe frostbite.

In Shaktoolik
Sonny Lindner
Dallas Seavey
Cim Smyth
Paul Gebhardt
DeeDee Jonrowe
Aliy Zirkle
Jessie Royer

On the trail to Shaktoolik
Ken Anderson
Ramey Smyth

In Unalakleet
Martin Buser
Rick Swenson
Ed Iten

After being holed up from the wind on the Yukon River, there is a large jumble of mushers moving including rookies within an hour of each other
Harry T Alexie
Chad Lindner
Karin Hendrickson

Melissa Owens
Rachael Scdoris
Tim Osmar
Jen Seavey
Eric Rogers

In Anvik are rookies
Alan Peck
Timothy Hunt

Trying to get to Anvik are rookies
Lou Packer
Blake Matray
Kim Darst

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