Thursday, March 12, 2009

Iditarod Update #31


Bjornar Scratches!

According to the race standings, Bjornar Andersen scratched in Takotna, after being injured in a wreck on the trail after Rohn.

Below is a prior report from an internet poster:

Just got of the phone with Bjornar's wife, and she told me Bjornar has had an accident just after Rhon.
The sled tipped over, and Bjornar fell off, just hanging after the sled in his security line.
He has been pulled over some distance, laying on his stomack on a wery icy surface.

He was an hour with the doctor in Takotna, trowhing up and peeing blood.
The doctor suspect some kidny damage, but not so critical that he has to withdraw.
He is currently still on his "24", and has one more appointment with the doctor.
The norwegian tv crew following Bjornar, talked to him in Takotna, and he was in good spirit.
He could report on the strongest pack of dogs in years!
"It's almost scary at times, they really are on fire", he told them.

He want's to continue, as long as the doctor gives him the OK!!

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