Friday, March 13, 2009

Iditarod Update #37 - Lance in Command

Mackey Takes Commanding Lead on Yukon

Lance follows the leaders into Graying by half an hour, then leaves them in his dust as they take their 8. They will be off 7 and a half hours after he passed. He still has all 16 dogs.
Jeff King
Sebastian Schnuelle
Aaron Burmeister
Hans Gatt

The next pack has already taken their 8, but are 30 or so miles behind Lance
Mitch Seavey
Hugh Neff
John Baker

These are the only mushers who have a chance at the title, should something bad happen to Lance

The Rookie of the Year contest heats up!
The top 3 rookies all left Iditarod within 3 hours of each other, with their 24s done.
Chad Lindner
Karin Hendrickson
Harry T Alexie

Back of the Field
Is still moving.
Kim Darst is out of McGrath after her 24

The rest are still moving, a couple still have to 24 yet.

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