Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Iditarod Update #8 - Scratch Report

Here are the stories of the 5 scratches so far this year. Information gleaned from,, and Jon Little at, among others.

Kirk Barnum left Finger Lake with 12 dogs so he could scratch at Rainy Pass, where he had enough food to hold out until the weather cleared. He didn’t want to push his team too hard attempting to get to Nome with so few dogs this early in the race.

Rookie Pat Moon hit a tree in the infamous Dalzell Gorge and was knocked unconscious. Moon was airlifted to the hospital and later released. He was running a team for Ed & Tasha Stielstra’s Nature’s Kennel, and had postponed cancer treatments to make the race.

Michael Suprenant scratched at the Rainy Pass Checkpoint for medical reasons. No other information available at this time.

Zoya DeNure developed a breast infection that spread to her left arm and required antibiotics, according to husband John Schandelmeier. She had been nursing her daughter until the race.

Karin Hendrickson also scratched at the Rainy Pass Checkpoint, because of broken runners on her sled.

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