Friday, March 12, 2010

Iditarod Update #10 - Game On!

Race standings start to take shape as teams complete their 24s

As expected, Jeff King shot into first place, as he passed the former race leaders while they are on their 24 hour breaks in Cripple. At this point Jeff, Lance, Hugh and Mitch are all resting in Ruby. The next 20 or so teams are on their way. The next day or so will really put the race into perspective, as far as who has a legitimate chance to win. Of course, Jeff and Lance dueling it out - some things never change?

Michelle Phillips led the rookies to Cripple, but again as they wrap up their 24s, we'll start to see how that race shapes up, as well.

Sadly, fan-favorite Karen Ramstead and her team of purebred Siberian Huskies scratched at McGrath. Karen has had some personal injuries prior to the race, but it is only speculation as to the cause at this time.

Here are the current leaders out of Cripple:
1. Jeff King (15)
2. Lance Mackey (49)
3. Hugh Neff (56)
4. Mitch Seavey (19)
5. Aliy Zirkle (50)
6. Sebastian Schnuelle (35)
7. Sonny Lindner (44)
8. Sven Haltmann (42)
9. Hans Gatt (20)
10. Ken Anderson (51)
11. Rick Swenson (57)
12. Gerry Willomitzer (55)
13. Ray Redington Jr (9)
14. Zack Steer (47)
15. Cim Smyth (3)
16. Paul Gebhardt (7)
17. Dallas Seavey (41)
18. Jason Barron (71)
19. John Baker (8)
20. Jessie Royer (6)
21. Ramey Smyth (21)
22. Gerald Sousa (48)

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