Friday, March 12, 2010

Iditarod Update #11 - The King Moves

Leaders taking mandatory Yukon River 8 hours of rest at Ruby

Jeff King is moving out of Ruby, after taking 8 hours of rest there. That allows him to take as much or as little rest as he wishes the rest of the race. And that gives him an 8-hour lead over all the teams that have yet to take their 8! Lance and Hugh are nearly an hour and a half behind him and will give chase as soon as they can. There's still a lot of racing left to do, so anything can happen!

Tom Thurston scratched at Ophir, citing "team performance" as the reason.

Rookie Justin Savidis lost a dog, "Whitey" between Nikolai and McGrath on Thursday,and Justin and others are still searching for him.

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