Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Iditarod Update #6 - Sebastian First to Nikolai

Sebastian Schnuelle blazes the trail across the Farewell Burn

Mitch Seavey, John Baker, Jeff King & Hugh Neff are close behind.
The next group includes Hans Gatt, Lance Mackey, Gerry Willomitzer & Aliy Zirkle. In fact, the top 34 teams are on the trail out of Rohn. It is STILL anyone's race!

Kirk Barnum has reportedly scratched at Rainy Pass, although the Official Standings don't reflect that. According to the Alaska Dispatch, he was struggling with wrist problems and didn't want to hurt his dogs by pushing on to Nome.

There is a large group in the back still waiting to take on the Dalzell Gorge on the way to Rohn.

The rookies are mixing it up!
14. Michael Williams, Jr (59) {R}
28. Dan Kaduce (64) {R}
30. John Stewart (69) {R}
32. William "Middie" Johnson (16) {R}
38. Michelle Phillips (36) {R}

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