Thursday, February 16, 2012

Yukon Quest Update #20

The Top Ten are in!

Dave Dalton finished in 10th place, with 12 dogs. Arriving last evening, it was his 17th finish in the Quest.

A few hours later, Kyla Durham crossed the finish line. She was running a puppy team from Brent Sass.

Trent Herbst waited 3 hours to leave Braeburn and avoid the heat of the afternoon. He should be finishing in an hour or so.

He was followed a couple of hours later by Gus Guenther and Paige Drobny, who appear to be resting about halfway to Whitehorse.

Yuka Honda left Braeburn shortly before midnight local time.

Brian Wilmshurst and Misha Pedersen both arrived in Braeburn before midnight for their mandatory 8 hour rest, and will be able to leave in a couple of hours.

Marcelle Fressineau is shown to be on the move, having passed the Stepping Stone Hospitality stop, on the way towards Pelly Crossing. Not known at this time if the stop was manned or not.

Still no word on Michael Telpin’s whereabouts. Information on these two will be announced as soon as available.

Unofficial Standings as of 7:30am ET:

1 Allen Moore (1)
2 Hugh Neff (6)
3 Lance Mackey (16)
4 Jake Berkowitz (13) (R)
5 Brent Sass (10)
6 Joar Leifseth Ulsom (17) (R)
7 Sonny Lindner (3)
8 Abbie West (21)
9 Kristy Berington (2) (R)
10 Dave Dalton (4)
11 Kyla Durham (7)

On the way to Whitehorse
12 Trent Herbst (22) (R)
13 Gus Guenther (20) (R)
14 Paige Drobny (12) (R)
15 Yuka Honda (19) (R)

In Braeburn
16 Brian Wilmshurst (11) (R)
17 Misha Pedersen (5) (R)

On the trail to Pelly Crossing
18 Marcelle Fressineau (15) (R)
19 Michael Telpin (24) (R)

Nikolay Ettyne (14) (R)
Maren Bradley (23) (R)
Jason Weitzel (9) (R)
Mike Ellis (18)

Kurt Reich (8) (R)

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