Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Iditarod 2016 - Run to the 24

Dallas Seavey leads the way to Cripple, where he will most likely take his 24. This race is shaping up

Robert Sorlie, the two-time champion from Norway running his final Iditarod.

Long-time musher Hans Gatt had to scratch due to his dogs having an illness.

Here are the first teams through to those in Takotna:
At 6:30pm ET, here are the updated standings, based upon the Official Standings and my own analysis of the GPS trackers, so some mileage may vary.

On the Trail to Cripple
1.     Dallas Seavey
2.     Noah Burmeister
3.     Robert Sorlie
4.     John Baker
5.     Lance Mackey
6.     Jeff King
7.     Kelly Maixner
8.     Ralph Johannessen

In Ophir
9.     Ketil Reitan
10. Nicolas Petit
11. Segrid Ekran
12. Joar Leifseth Ulsom
13. Brent Sass
14. Scott Smith
15. Ken Anderson
16. Cym Smyth
17. Martin Buser

In Takotna
18. Jessie Royer
19. Nathan Schroeder
20. Allen Moore
21. Peter Kaiser
22. Aliy Zirkle
23. Jodi Bailey
24. Ray Redington Jr
25. Mitch Seavey
26. Jason Campeau
27. Michelle Phillips
28. Dag Torulf Olsen
29. Mats Pettersson
30. Richie Diehl
31. Linwood Fiedler
32. Ed Stielstra
33. Paul Gebhardt
34. Karin Hendrickson
35. Geir Idar Hjelvik
36. Katherine Keith
37. Lars Monson

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