Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Iditarod 2016 - Beyond Nikolai

Although Nicolas Petit was the first team to Nikolai, Brent Sass blew through to camp beyond. Noah Burmeister has gone halfway to McGrath, where he appears to have stopped to rest. Also out of Nikolai are Dallas and Mitch Seavey, plus Wade Marrs. The next few checkpoints will be used for their mandatory 24-hour breaks. Once the time differentials have been made up, we’ll have a better picture of where they truly stand.

At 6:00pm ET, here are the updated standings, based upon the Official Standings and my own analysis of the GPS trackers, so some mileage may vary.

On the Trail to McGrath
1.     Noah Burmeister (39)
2.     Dallas Seavey (16)
3.     Mitch Seavey (19)
4.     Wade Marrs (33)
5.     Brent Sass (32)
6.     Peter Kaiser (11)
7.     Aliy Zirkle (13)

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