Friday, February 11, 2011

Yukon Quest Update #9

Huge Lead for Hugh!

Hugh Neff arrived at Eagle for his mandatory 4 hour stop. According to the
Yukon Quest - Official Site , he said the wind coming over the American Summit was "wicked." Hans Gatt is stopped about 20 miles out, below the summit - he had been moving slowly through the storm. The group off the Yukon River and heading up towards the American Summit are all facing snow and wind, and traveling fairly slowly. It's possible that Hugh will really open up a lead, if the storm holds up the rest of the field.
The Rookie of the Year battle shows Dallas Seavey and Allen Moore nearly neck-and-neck. Reports are that Wade Marrs is heading back to Dawson. Jodi Bailey is on the Yukon, traveling with Mike Ellis and Dave Dalton. Jodi lost about 3 hours, when she got turned around on the trail and ended up back in Dawson. Her husband Dan Kaduce is off the river, with Kelly Griffin.
Christine Roalofs is still not into Dawson, she accepted food from the rangers and so will have to scratch.

Standings (as best I can figure)

  1. Hugh Neff (8)

On the trail to Eagle

  1. Hans Gatt (13)
  2. Brent Sass (22)
  3. Ken Anderson (18)
  4. Sebastian Schnuelle (11)
  5. Allen Moore (24)
  6. Dallas Seavey (3)
  7. Dan Kaduce (10)
  8. Kelley Griffin (1)
  9. Joshua Cadzow (16)
  10. David Dalton (23)
  11. Jodi Bailey (17)
  12. Mike Ellis (5)

Heading back to Dawson

  1. Wade Marrs (15)

In Dawson City

  1. Johannes Rygh (6)
  2. Clint Warnke (25)
  3. Tamara Rose (12)
  4. Jerry Joinson (21)
  5. Didier Moggia (7)
  6. Kyla Durham (14)
  7. Hank DeBruin (19)

Struggling to Dawson

  1. Christine Roalofs (9)


Denis Tremblay (2)

Allen Dennis (20)

Michelle Phillips (4)

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