Monday, February 14, 2011

Yukon Quest Update #14

What a Race!

What a day on the trail! First, the Yukon Quest - Official Site reported on an area of severe overflow about 20 miles from Central. Hans Gatt was struggling in waist-deep water, trying to get his dogs and sled out, when Sebastian came upon him. Seb helped Hans get his sled out of the water, then get to some shelter and dry off. Eventually, both mushers made it to Central, where Hans eventually scratched, due to severe frostbite. Dallas came in so covered in ice, he couldn’t get his boots off.

Hugh seems to have been struggling up Eagle summit – we won’t know for sure until his tracker updates or he makes it in to the Mile 101 checkpoint.

Dan Kaduce is the next musher out of Central, having great runs put him into this position. Sebastian will likely be close behind. If there’s trouble on the mountain, this thing is FAR from being decided!

Complete Standings

  1. Hugh Neff (8)
  2. Dan Kaduce (10)

In Central

  1. Sebastian Schnuelle (11)
  2. Dallas Seavey (3)
  3. Ken Anderson (18)
  4. Brent Sass (22)

On the trail to Central

  1. Allen Moore (24)
  2. Kelley Griffin (1)

On the Way to Circle

  1. Jodi Bailey (17)
  2. David Dalton (23)
  3. Mike Ellis (5)

Out of Eagle

  1. Kyla Durham (14)
  2. Tamara Rose (12)
  3. Jerry Joinson (21)
  4. Johannes Rygh (6)
  5. Hank DeBruin (19)


Denis Tremblay (2)

Allen Dennis (20)

Michelle Phillips (4)

Wade Marrs (15)

Clint Warnke (25)

Didier Moggia (7)

Joshua Cadzow (16)

Hans Gatt (13)


Christine Roalofs (9)

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