Thursday, February 11, 2010

Yukon Quest Day 6 2/11/10

At the Halfway Point

The race leaders have arrived at Dawson City, Yukon Territory for their mandatory 36 hour rest. Hans Gatt was the first one in, leading Lance by nearly three hours. The mushers and their dogs all have a chance to recharge, as in this race, handlers can care for the dogs while the mushers take a well-deserved break.

The start time differentials will be made up here as well. Hans will be the first back on the trail Friday morning, at 6:35am local time. It looks like it will be a 450 mile spring race to Whitehorse!

In the Rookie of the Year battle, it seems that Abbie West and Josh Cadzow are neck-in-neck, possibly traveling together.

All 24 teams are still in the race. The back of the pack is out of Slaven's, with rookies Jocelyne LeBlanc and Terry Williams heading for Eagle, if the GPS units are to be trusted. Everyone else is on the way to Dawson City.

OFFICIAL Standings:

1 Hans Gatt (13)

2 Lance Mackey (11)

3 Hugh Neff (23)

4 Zack Steer (2)

5 Ken Anderson (17)

6 Brent Sass (12)

7 Sonny Lindner (20)

8 Gerry Willomitzer (5)

9 Abbie West (1) {R}

10 Joshua Cadzow (21) {R}

11 Normand Casavant (10)

12 David Dalton (3)

13 Sam Deltour (4) {R}

14 Kelley Griffin (15)

15 Dries Jacobs (22) {R}

16 Mike Ellis (18)

17 Pierre-Antoine Heritier (19) {R}

18 Cindy Barrand (9) {R}

19 Bart De Marie (14) {R}

20 Katie Davis (6) {R}

21 Peter Fleck (24) {R}

22 Jennifer Raffaeli (16) {R}

23 Jocelyne LeBlanc (8) {R}

24 Terry Williams (7) {R}

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