Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mushing Loon Kennels Grows from 2 to 5 Dogs!

In the previous post, I detailed our trip to the U.P. 200 Sled Dog races. As I mentioned, we brought home a puppy and two more sled dogs.

My friend and mentor Shannon Miller raised this beauty Maggie. She was born January 2nd, just missing Daddy's birthday!

Awe - so cute!

Mommy loves her baby!

Mags giving Daddy a kiss

The cats keeping an eye on the evil doggy...

Oh yes, she's fierce!

While there, we picked up two more sled dogs to add to the team: Ellen, a pretty little 4-year old leader and Browning, and nice 2-year old.

Sweet Ellen

She's a quiet, pretty little girl, although she will howl.


He's a barker!

Brownie checking out Browning!

They are adjusting to the change in scenery and living with new dogs, especially the 3 farm dogs!

I have not run them yet, but am looking forward to it very much.

Thanks to Jon Mattsen for the dogs, and to Shannon Miller for the beautiful and intelligent Maggie!


Susan said...

Oh, they are lovely dogs!

(c) Shannon Miller said...

Totally missed this post Tim! Thanks for the shout out! You guys are awesome. Mags looks so cute here ;)