Monday, February 15, 2010

Yukon Quest Day 2/15/10

Sprint to the Finish!

The winner should be decided later this afternoon. After their mandatory 8 hour break at Braeburn, the leaders took off early Monday morning on the final 100 mile leg to Whitehorse. Hans Gatt left just over half an hour before Lance Mackey, with Hugh Neff 25 minutes behind. According the the GPS tracker, at 9:00am(ET) Lance and Hugh are ahead of Hans. What a race!

In the Rookie of the Year race, Abbie West left Carmacks nearly 30 minutes ahead of Josh Cadzow.

Gerry Willomitzer, who scratched after returning to Dawson City due to ;losing the plastic off his runners, is still the only musher to scratch.

The back of the pack has all resumed their run after the mandatory 36 hour break in Dawson.

The OFFICIAL Standings:

1 Hans Gatt (13)

2 Lance Mackey (11)

3 Hugh Neff (23)

4 Zack Steer (2)

5 Ken Anderson (17)

6 Brent Sass (12)

7 Sonny Lindner (20)

8 Abbie West (1) {R}

9 Joshua Cadzow (21) {R}

10 Normand Casavant (10)

11 David Dalton (3)

12 Dries Jacobs (22) {R}

13 Mike Ellis (18)

14 Sam Deltour (4) {R}

15 Kelley Griffin (15)

16 Cindy Barrand (9) {R}

17 Pierre-Antoine Heritier (19) {R}

18 Bart De Marie (14) {R}

19 Peter Fleck (24) {R}

20 Katie Davis (6) {R}

21 Jennifer Raffaeli (16) {R}

22 Jocelyne LeBlanc (8) {R}

23 Terry Williams (7) {R}

SCRATCHED: Gerry Willomitzer (5)


Mirco said...

I'd say it's not yet clear, if Lance and Hugh really have surpassed Gatt, because Gatt's tracker is not updating. Either he has shut the tracker down for the final leg of the race, or it's not working because it's broken. Who knows?

Loon said...

Yes, good point! We can only really trust the "Official Standings".

AR Travis said...

Lots of rookies this year, glad to see they are all still hanging in there!

Mirco said...

Gatt's tracker is up again and it looks like he is going to win.