Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Iditarod 2014 Update #1

Hi everybody! With the crazy race this year, I'm having a hard time keeping up with all the action! I'll try to keep you informed, just know that so many things happen between the time I start writing and hit "post", that it will always be a little bit dated. (I've also just worked 45 minutes through my lunch hour, so that limits my writing time!)

Martin Buser once again ran a blistering race in an attempt to get out in front before teams start taking their mandatory 24-hour rest stops. He was the first team into Nikolai, after crossing the snow-less Farewell Burn, and immediately declared his 24.

Sonny Lindner was first to McGrath, followed by Aliy Zirkle, Jeff King, Nicolas Petit and Hugh Neff.

Aliy led the pack to Takotna, where Nic, Jeff and Aaron Burmeister blew on through.

Sonny, Aaron, Paul Gebhardt, Jeff King and John Baker went through Ophir on their way to Cripple.

Until all of the teams have taken their 24s, it isn't apparent who is "leading". Time will tell!

Meanwhile, the tough trail conditions have forced numerous teams to scratch. The primary difficulty it damage to sleds and the mushers, as the dogs actually benefit from the hard and fast trail.

These teams  are listed as "Out of the Race" as of 2:20pm ET

Cindy Gallea
Jim Lanier
DeeDee Jonrowe
Jake Berkowitz
Scott Janssen
Jan Steves
Gus Guenther
Mike Santos
Linwood Fiedler
Karen Ramstead
Cindy Abbott (r)
Ellen Halverson

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