Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Iditarod '11 Update 5 - Who's In First?

Robert Nelson, Trent Herbst, Cim Smyth and Kelley Griffin are technically in the front positions at Ophir, however, when Martin, Lance, Sebastian, Hugh, Ray, Mitch, Robert, Hans and Dallas take off, they will take over as the top 4 take their 24.

The next 20 or so teams are also in Takotna.

In the Rookie Race, Nicolas Petit, Mike Santos, Justin Savidis, Jodi Bailey are in Takotna. Magnus Kaltenbrn on his way. Kelly Maixner and Cain Carter are in McGrath. Angie Taggart is in Nikolai. Kris Hoffman, Brennan Norden and Scott Janssen are on the way, with James Bardoner on the way to Rohn.

Gerry Willomitzer scratched in McGrath and Bob Story in Rainy Pass.

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