Friday, October 21, 2011

Freeze Warning!

Cold morning = good run

Cool sunrise

With temperatures in the upper 20's, it was a good morning to run the dogs.

Ellen: "Please, sir, may I have a run?"

Hooked up with Maggie in lead with Ellen, followed by Browning, then Nick, then Logan and Nucky. Down the field, across the waterway and into the woods. Maggie did pretty good, although she wanted to check out a couple of things off the trail.

"Take that hill!"

The woods were pretty and the trail is the exact opposite or the smooth, straight and flat rail bed - this one has plenty of twists and turns, with enough elevation changes to give quite the workout.

"Bring it on home!"

After just under 3 miles, we took the nice long, steady grade up the field and back home. A nice little jaunt, but I think we're ALL looking forward to really putting some miles on. Kind of depressing to spend twice as much time hooking up as actually running!

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