Saturday, January 2, 2010

First True Run

My first multi-mile run on actual trails with my "real" sled dogs on SNOW was on my 50th birthday.

I added a small farm dog to fill out the team and to help motivate Alice. After messing around a bit, I put the two boys in lead. I half led, half rode down the road to the snowmobile trail. Once we got on the trail, the dogs knew what to do. We flew across to the woods. I stopped us and gave the dogs some lovin' before heading down the steep slope to the riverbank. I rode the drag with no trouble, but on the next corner, the dogs dug in and whipped me around. Up on one runner, I lost it and face-planted in a snowdrift! I yelled "Whoa!" and they stopped. My spare ropes and gear was thrown all over the place, so I gathered the stuff up, untangled the team and away we went. A couple of wrong turns (Nick knows "gee" and "haw" mean "turn", he just doesn't quite get which way) and we made it along the river for a half-mile or so, then up to the field. Another long hike, some riding, some walking, back to the gravel road. Then it was a LOOOONG, up hill walk, with me continually leading them to the side of the road. By the time we got home, I was drenched in sweat and they dogs were tired. Less than 3 miles total, but with tangles and spills, it was quite taxing on me. A jammed pinky seems to be the only injury, although all of my joints are sore.

What a great birthday treat!

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