Thursday, September 17, 2009

Morning Comes

The sky was black, with a little color curling up the edge, like a flame on the bottom of a piece of paper. It was cool, but not cold, and I could just see my breath. The mist made a beam in my headlamp. The dogs were as calm as they could be, Alice handled getting hooked up rather well. Nick nearly put his harness on himself, in a rush to get going. Once we took off, they pulled hard, nearly dragging the heavy quad along until I got up in gears. Then we ran! Around corners, across the wet grass, down dusty trails...the morning came as we ran.

Nearly half an hour later, over five miles, we had to stop running. We didn't want to, didn't have to, but I needed to. Chores and off to work. Work to afford this pleasure. This union of souls and goals - we just like moving!

It was the wind in my eyes that caused the tears - no, really!

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Lazy Husky Ranch said...

Tim - they look great! The line is tight and their speed looks good. Very nice!