Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sebastian Schnuelle Wins Yukon Quest

Yukon Quest Champion Sebastian Schnuelle

Photo by Michael Machulsky - newsminer.com

Sebastian Schnuelle is the 2009 Yukon Quest Champion, setting a record for the fastest time of 9 days, 23 hours and 20 minute.
Runner up Hugh Neff was second by only four minutes, after recovering from a two-hour penalty for leaving the trail and traveling on a road for five miles.
Jon Little finished third, just over an hour after Schnuelle.

Official standings are at http://www.yukonquest.com/site/race-updates/

Stories are on the Quest page at http://www.yukonquest.com/site/current-news/

And from the Fairbanks Daily Miner http://newsminer.com/news/yukon_quest2009/

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YAY Sebastian WON!!!!

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