Friday, October 3, 2008

Sled Dog Accident

Kasilof Musher Jon Little with injured dog Wolf

Photo By Joseph Robertia

Three sled dogs were killed in a training accident Sunday, and two others were injured, according to the Peninsula Clarion. One of the injured was euthanized Tuesday.

Long-time writer and musher Jon Little of Kasilof was returning from a training run with two teams pulling four-wheelers. His former handler Mike Barnett was running the second team, waiting for his turn to cross the Sterling Highway, when the team got out of control and darted in front of a moving SUV.

According to Little, the location near the highway's intersection with Kalifornsky Beach Road, has been dangerous for many years due to high traffic volume.

"It's a tragedy, but the dogs' deaths won't be in vain if this increases awareness about that intersection," he said.

Those wishing to contribute to the medical costs can log on to his website at

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