Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Update on Zorro

Most of you know that Lance Mackey's dog "Zorro" was injured during the 2008 All Alaska Sweepstakes when a snow machine collided with his team. Zorro was riding in the sled bag when he got hit. He suffered 3 broken ribs, had some internal bleeding, and spinal injuries.

As of the last report from Lance's Comeback Kennel website:
Early Father's Day for Zorro!!!
June 4th 2008
Zorro has had enough of the foo-foo treatment and has opted for returning to his old dog house deep within the 90 plus sled dogs in the Mackey dog lot.

The fur has grown back over the cracked ribs. There is only a hint of where the accident occurred in Zorro's hips, where he occasionally sits to rest them.

Zorro has something new to brag about as he returns to his team mates in the dog lot. The Mackey's announced that Zorro is the proud pappa of 9 healthy puppies.

Retirement is grand!

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